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Comments for A Horse Book

A Horse Book: 03/30/05

A friend of mine asked me for a recommendation for a book to read. Since we both share a love of horses and children's books, I suggested a book a devored when I was about ten or eleven — The Black Stallion's Ghost. It's a fun and short read.

Losing Sleep from Reading:

Last week I was staying up late to read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and this week is no different except that I'm now sucked into Jonathan Carroll's Wooden Sea. If Joseph C. Lincoln had set down to write The Man Who Folded Himself he would have come up with something like what I'm currently reading. Fran, a small town chief of police, has found himself in the middle of a time traveling mystery / conspiracy where the fate of Crane's View rests on his ability to sort things out. The first chapter didn't do much for me but by the second chapter the quirky plot began to surface. By the third chapter I was hooked.

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