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Comments for April Fool

April Fool: 04/01/05

Yesterday afternoon I started coughing. Ian's been coughing too. Mom took us out for dinner and then we spent a nice hour or so at her hotel room where Sean entertained us with somersaults and big hops.

Mom brought up a bunch of wonderful books for Sean and his favorite among the lot was a Play a Sound book version of the Disney film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. He especially liked the icon for Atlantis which looks like a big blue castle. When that button is pushed, the book plays a rock riff which sounds enough like Sean's Old Mac Donald castle song. It was as if the book had verified Sean's insistence that castles sing. He was instantly hooked. We've read the book a half dozen times already and ended up having to tuck the book in bed when we put Sean down for the night.

Another great gift that Sean got was an owl kite from his grandfather. I can't wait to take him out and show him how to fly it. I was about his age when my grandmother took me kite flying. She had a wonderful bat kite. I always thought we were sending out the bat signal for Batman!


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