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Comments for Ralph's Party

Ralph's Party: 06/18/05

Ralph's PartyI finished reading Ralph's Party in the wee hours of the morning. I just wasn't sleepy so decided to finish the book. Ralph's Party was Lisa Jewel's first novel and it shows. The characters are a bit more derivative than in Thirty-Nothing and most of the characters just rubbed me the wrong way. But the book does have glimmers of Jewel's humorous writing style. There are some curry/chili eating challenges that pop up in the book that were especially funny, especially after our trip to the Marsala Grill.

Hot Indian Food:

On our usual train trip down to Fremont we stopped for lunch at the Marsala Grill rather than Burger King. Ian ordered na'an (of course), paneer tikka and ginger chicken. We'd never had paneer tikka before and it was wonderful but spicy. We're going to take Ian's parents to this place next Saturday. They know a lot more about Indian cuisine than we do so we're sure to have an incredible meal!

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