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Comments for A Very Long Train Trip

A Very Long Train Trip: 07/24/05

It's been a month since we last rode BART down to Fremont. We thought we'd go today. Sunday's are always slow days for BART with fewer trains running but today was worse than usual. For "heightened security" reasons, the line between Hayward and Fremont was only running a single "shuttle" train. Our wait for the train took 45 minutes as we watched three Richmond trains leave the station. Both southbound and northbound traffic was leaving from the northbound track and everyone arriving in the station was asked to get off the trains and transfer to different trains. This lead to huge crowds of confused and grumpy people standing in 80°F or hotter heat. Fortunately whatever the problem was had ended by the time we were done with our trip to Fremont so that we didn't have to repeat the process.

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