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The Fair: 07/04/05

We rode public transit out to the Alameda County Fair. We figured Sean would enjoy the ride to and from as much as the actual fair. We could have gotten a direct transfer to and from but we ended up doing a lot of walking to the park and back to the train. It made for an easy 10000 steps except for the heat! We're all a little sunburned now.

At the fair we saw the small animals: chickens, peacocks, goats, rabbits (or ribbits as Sean calls them), geese, ducks, and quail chicks. We also saw a fabulous model train exhibit and had a chance to play with some water pumps. The fair was better than the San Mateo fair but no where near as large or interesting as the Del Mar fair.

When we got back to BART, Sean just wanted to curl up on my lap for a little hug. Our train was tired too. Half of the train decided not to work so our end of the train was decoupled, bringing a 9 car train down to a 4 car train. We had to ride out in the wrong direction (towards Livermore) to get around the dead train cars.

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