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Home Sick: 07/29/05

Sean woke us up at five in the morning with a huge diarrhea attack, a stomach ache and a bit of a sore throat. Ian and I have no idea how long he was awake before he managed to wake us up. I don't think it was too long because Ian's usually so quick to hear him. Anyway, Ian and he are home today watching movies and eating "chicken letter soup."

We had to completely change him and his bed sheets last night. Ian took care of starting the laundry and finding new sheets while I cleaned up Sean and got his bed made. While I was getting his bed made, he wandered off to our bed saying that it was too early to get up and he'd sleep in our bed because his bed didn't have any sheep (sheep printed sheets). I told him he had to sleep in his room so he reluctantly came back and sat in his futon chair. "Just tuck me in here. I'm too tired to get up now," he said, pulling his duvet over his feet. He was very relieved once I got his bed made and him tucked into it.

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