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The Joker: 07/22/05

I was on my way to get breakfast, taking my usual route through the alley when I came across a discarded Joker action figure. From the way he was laying I could imagine him falling from the roof of a building during a fight with Batman. I didn't see Batman anywhere and I collected up the Joker before any police action figures arrived to take him off to Arkham.

The Joker action figure appears to be in good condition. He just needs a little soap and water to get the dirt of the alley way off of him. Once he's cleaned up, I'll give him to Sean. I suppose then I'll also have to get a Batman for him to play with.

A Found Letter and a Life on Google:

Last night I started working on Sean's birthday present. I'm going to make a plaque which features a scan of a hand drawn owl I bought at a local charity shop. I had thought the picture was a print from a book or perhaps a postcard that had been framed but when I took the back off the frame, I realized it was a card—a thank you note to a grandfather for a wedding gift.

The person who wrote the card gave just enough information for me to find her online via Google and track bits and pieces of her life. She wanted to be a children's book illustrator but that doesn't appear to have worked out (though she did try from the evidence of a broken link). She later turned to sculpture and was at least as of 2004 represented by a gallery in Sacramento. I've also found in-laws that live and work in Sacramento.

I'm still debating whether or not to try contacting them directly to ask if they want the card back (for sentimental reasons) or let it be (I really like the drawing). In the meantime, I'm sticking to my original plan of scanning the drawing as I don't want to ruin it in the art project for Sean's gift but I will also scan the note in the card. It will add some extra meaning to the project. I'll probably put the note on the back of the project. They just belong together.

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