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Comments for London 2012

London 2012: 07/06/05

London has gotten the bid for the 2012 summer Olympics. I'm very excited! That gives me seven years to save up enough money to travel to London and see the Olympics.

Happy Hair:

For whatever reason, my favorite shampoo is not sold here in the Bay Area. I think it's still sold in Southern California but the shampoo disappeared off the shelves up here about three years ago. I finally found a place that will let me mail order the shampoo. Yesterday a box containing five shampoo bottles and four conditioner bottles arrived -- enough to last me through the rest of the year. My hair feels the best it's felt in ages.

Too Much of a Good Thing:

I think our trip to the fair has temporarily cured Sean of his obsession with BART. From an email Ian sent:

Sean was fine--we got dressed and went into school. I think yesterday wore him out a bit--he kept saying "I don't wanna ride the train! I don't wanna ride the bus! I just wanna go to school!"

Sean repeated those sentiments when we picked him up from school.

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