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Someone Slipped Me a Mickey: 07/18/05

My last dream of last night bothered me. It started off with Ian and me in London at Heathrow airport. We had spent a few days in England and were now going to fly to Italy. Somehow he got on the plane before I did and I had to race to the gate. I got on the plane just before it took off. We had just leveled off with a view of the ocean and a flight attendant had started to serve coffee. While I didn't remember drinking any coffee I suppose I must have because my next realization was that we were now in a bus driving down a European road (French, perhaps?) and not in the airplane. I couldn't remember anything beyond the coffee being served and most of the other passengers hadn't noticed yet that we were in now in a bus. I started to shout to the driver demanding to know what happened but the alarm went off before I got an answer.

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