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Tenth Anniversary: 07/08/05

Ten years ago Ian and I got married today at the Women's Center in South Pasadena. Today we took our son on his first car trip vacation. The drive up to Redding took about five hours but we do tend to make a lot of stops to stretch our legs, take potty breaks, and the like. At one rest stop Sean and I spent a good half hour playing tag.


We checked into the Best Western Hospitality House Motel on North Market Street in Redding at about 4 PM. It's not in the main touristy section but it's still nice enough and certainly more affordable than the touristy section. We're near the Sacramento River (though that's hard to avoid as it snakes through Redding). We took a couple hours to relax in our room in the hope that Sean would take a well needed nap. He instead had to explore every inch of our room and try every light switch and bounce on his bed and run laps screaming: "ducka-ducka-ducka" until we gave up and went to dinner at six.

Of course by dinner Sean was out of his mind tired and very grumpy. He had a bit of a melt down while we waited for dinner but after two different walks outside (once with me and once with Ian) he calmed down enough to eat dinner. Turns out he likes fish and chips.

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