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Comments for Fremont Art Festival

Fremont Art Festival: 08/06/05

We spent a couple hours at the Fremont Art Festival but didn't stay as long as we would have liked. It was too hot and Sean was tired and grumpy. We did see many fantastic paintings and other crafty things being sold and displayed but we didn't purchase anything. We will probably go again next year.

Bad Ideas:

Rather than just taking his nap, Sean decided it would be fun to dump much of his stuff out his window. His window only opens up a crack because we don't want him falling out or the cat jumping out as there is no screen, but it was enough of a crack for him to fit: most of the books in his room, one shoe, some socks, some clothes, some stuffed animals, some of his owl posters and a slinky. It was the sound of the slinky that sounded strange enough to attract Ian's attention.

In response to Sean's very bad idea (and lack of remorse) we've taken away his bookshelf, hidden the stuff he had thrown out his window and reorganized his room so he can't look out the window. He also can no longer open his window.

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