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Comments for An Adventure with Morris Mouse

An Adventure with Morris Mouse: 09/22/05

An Adventure with Morris MouseSean's current passion is a book he was given two years ago, An Adventure with Morris Mouse. He picked it up out of his collection on Monday and suddenly clicked with it. It's now one of his favorite books ever and Ian and I have to share the chore of the multiple re-reads. I think Ian's had the bulk of the reads so far and I owe him some.

"To Infinity and Beyond!"

Anyone who has seen Toy Story will recognize the quote. It's currently Sean's favorite thing to say. After a six month hiatus from the Toy Story films, he's now completely sucked into Toy Story 1 and has started quoting it when it suits him. For instance, for all his life he has taken great delight in kicking his feet. He now shouts: "To infinity and beyond!" when doing his happy feet kicking. It's very funny!

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