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Comments for My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro: 09/09/05

My Neighbor TotoroSean is now as fascinated by acorns as he is by owls. I think the acorn passion stems from his love of the film My Neighbor Totoro as acorns (or whatever the seeds of the camphor tree are really called) play heavily in the magic that May and her sister experience when they meet the three totoros. To help Sean keep his stash of acorns all in one place, I gave him the little wooden box that Ian's cuff links had come in. You would have thought I had given Sean a magical treasure box the way his face lit up. There is no question now that the box is his box and it's only for acorns!

At work there is a massive oak tree that sits on the property line between the building in which I work and the apartments next door. It has started dropping its acorns and they are blanketing the parking lot. I sometimes collect the best ones to take home to give to Sean. I keep them hidden in my pockets and pull one out whenever he needs a distraction.

There is also an oak tree up the hill from where we live but it hasn't started dropping acorns quite as much but there are always a few if we look hard enough. Sometimes after we get home we run up the hill to go acorn hunting before going into our home. Acorn hunting is almost a nightly ritual now.

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