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Comments for Berkeley

Berkeley: 12/20/05

Sean spent the day with Ian at Berkeley yesterday. Though it meant missing his nap (save for the time it took to drive home) he came home exhilarated. He spent the next half an hour telling me all the details of the day from parking in the Parking Garage, to having muffins, to playing with Betsy, to having lunch, to drawing with chalk, to playing Fussball, etc.

Mix Master Sean:
Recently Ian downloaded a midi demo and he and Sean like to play with it together. Last night since I was watching TV, Ian was wearing headphones while playing. Sean decided he wanted / needed to wear the headphones. He looked so cute -- like a future composer or mixer with his headphones on and him staring intently at the midi program.

"I Have a Headache in my Foot!"

Sean woke up last night whimpering. I went in to see what was up and what he needed. He sat up and asked for "chew-chew" (chewable painkiller). I asked him to point to what was hurting. He pointed to his right foot. "I have a headache in my foot. It's broken or something." His pajama leg had gotten twisted up and I could see that his leg was probably asleep. I straightened out his clothing and gently rubbed his leg. "Feel better?" I asked. He nodded and went back to bed.

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