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Comments for Blood of Others & Shade of Pale

Frost: 12/05/05

When I left for work at 6:50 this morning, I saw that we had frost on our roves. It was probably the coldest night we've had this fall so far last night. I was surprised that Caligula didn't try to come to bed with us last night. We left the door open for her.

Blood of OthersBlood of Others: Over the weekend I finished two entertaining mysteries: Blood of Others by Rick Mofina and Shade of Pale by Greg Kihn.

Shade of PaleBlood of Others takes place for the most part in San Francisco after the death of a bachelor girl who finally was trying to break free of her dependence on internet chat rooms and message boards. It is the depiction of San Francisco and the Bay Area that captured my attention. It's far more realistically done than many books I've read and shares much of the tongue in cheek details as Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City and the San Francisco bits of Kerouac's On the Road.

Shade of Pale:

Shade of Pale, written by a San Jose D.J. (whom I've never heard on the radio) takes place in New York but starts with the thesis: the banshee is real. It then carefully melds modern horror (a la Ringu or The Grudge) with a New York City based detective story. It has a few distractions in the form of an IRA subplot that can be skipped without losing anything from the overall flow of the story.

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