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Comments for A Poem

A Poem: 12/02/05

By Sean as transcribed by Ian...

The ballad of the hair wars

Dempsey pulled my Hair
        She got a Time Out
                       (And a Cracker)
Daniel pulled Alex's Hair
         He got a Time Out

by Sean Sammis

Slow Morning at Work:

The weather knocked out our phone service, starting yesterday at work. It was on and off yesterday and today when I got in, there was no dial tone and no internet service. SBC has come and.gone and after two hours of work have fixed the problem. The squirrels who live in the oak tree had eaten off the insulation. Water had gotten into the wires and corroded them until they finally snapped in two some time last night. At least now I'm having the cleanest connection I've had in months.

Hot Chocolate and a Movie:

Last night Ian made hot chocolate from scratch for us. It was Sean's first time having hot chocolate and we gave him some in the blue tea cup and saucer that go with the Japanese themed plates he so likes. We put marshmallows in his cup and gave him a spoon. He had loads of fun slurping up his hot chocolate and marshmallows (and even gave me some pointers on technique) while we watched the end of Lady and the Tramp. It was the perfect close to an evening.

Sorry for the Outage!

If you were trying to visit my site earlier today and got a 403 error for the entire thing, that was me. I am trying to learn more about .htaccess files and I missed a line of code and basically made the entire site restricted access. Sorry!

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