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Comments for Serenity

SerenitySerenity: 12/21/05

Ian and I watched Serenity last night and I think Ian liked the film more than I did. I liked learning the back story of how the solar system was colonized and the tragedy on Miranda but the film seemed rushed in its story telling. There wasn't much time for either the story to unfold or for the characters to just be. I suppose Whedon was afraid this film would be his last chance to tell the rest of the story that's been rattling around in his head but I don't think he did it justice by trying to cram it all into one film. His usual quirky dialogue (his main way of developing character) is tossed aside for action scenes, chase scenes and fight scenes leaving all of his characters who have been developed in the short run Firefly series to act slightly out of character. Granted time has passed since the end of the series and the time of the film but do people really change that much in a matter of months?

Happy Solstice:

Here in the northern hemisphere today is the winter solstice. It meant the darkest commute across the bridge this morning that I'll have for a year. The sun didn't rise until I was already in Foster City. The sky was just starting to pink up at the foot of the high rise on the bridge and sea gulls were looking sleepy and grim. I've done a drawing to capture the commute as it was both surreal and beautiful.

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