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Comments for Feels Like Snow

Feels Like Snow: 12/17/05

We woke up to a cold house and a low white fog hovering over the streets. The temperature inside was 55° F and outside we would later learn it was 39 ° F. The air had that deathly still silence too—the sort that hurts the ears. It reminded me of winter along the Strawberry creek in Idyllwild. I commented to Ian that if we were higher up, farther north or farther east it would be getting ready to snow. Ian laughed and the three of us set out to Pleasanton for some last minute Christmas shopping and some pre-spring garden shopping (seeds and bulbs).

When we were in the garden section of Home Depot it started to rain. By the time we had dashed back into the main area of the tore it had started to pour. It let up long enough for us to dash to our car after paying and again for us to dash into Bay Books (where Sean got two books and Ian one). Then it poured again and continued to pour the rest of the day.

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