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Comments for But the Sun Isn't Up

But the Sun Isn't Up: 12/15/05

Yesterday Sean woke up at six and Ian helped him turn on his bedroom lamp so he could read in the morning before it was time to get up. At a quarter to seven just before I left for work I popped in to say hello since I don't usually see him until when I pick him up after work. He was tucked into bed with the book propped up on his chest, half under the covers. He looked very much like a young Ian.

I said hello and told him I had to go to work. He popped up enough to glance out his bedroom window and replied, "But the sun isn't up. You can't go to work when the sun isn't up!" How I wish that were true some mornings!

The Moon:

Radio 4 reported (9:54 PST) that the moon will be at its highest in 18 years which combined with the low sun (due to the upcoming solstice) that the moon's shadows will be the shortest they've been in nearly two decades. This happens every 18.6 years. The thing that is thrilling me about this report is that I just watched the moon set not 2 1/2 hours ago. It set beautifully over the north western bit of the San Francisco Bay and inspired me to do a quick Photoshop sketch.

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