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May 2006

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Snowcrash: 05/23/06


The last couple of nights I have been kept up past my bed time reading a great cyberpunk novel: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I liked the near future vision of California (especially Los Angeles) as being divided up by a series of corporate and religious run city-states. The question at hand is what is "snow crash" beyond a typical all out computer crash and who is controlling the distribution of it? Unfortunately the book loses some of its momentum near the end as the story moves to the ocean. The long bit at sea on the pirate ships, yachts and lifeboat seems out of place compared to the fast paced scenes on the roads of Los Angeles and the fights in the Metaverse. Some of my favorite bits of the book were Hiro's lenghty discussions with the Librarian over the nature of language, religion and viruses.

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