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Comments for I Thought I Was in the Clear

I Thought I Was in the Clear: 02/12/06

I'm two or three weeks away from the end of the first trimester and I thought I would make it without barfing. That was until this morning when a single glass of water sent me running to the bathroom. I can eat garlic, onions and other spicey food to have breath bad enough to bring down an elephant without problems but water first thing in the morning is a bad idea apparently.

Lots of Berries:

Yesterday before going to the movie theater we stopped at Home Depot to check out the garden center. We had originally planned just to look to see what they had in stock and come back later but they were having a good deal on just what we wanted — berry vines. We bought five varieties of berries. The heartier ones are now planted and the other root stocks are now soaking for planting tomorrow after work.

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