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Comments for the A Braided Cord, Hoot and The House of Caine

A Braided Cord, Hoot and The House of Caine: 02/20/06

Today was a nice day off. Save for grocery shopping with Sean, we stayed home. Sean is still a little under the weather and he wanted a long nap. I also endulged myself in an afternoon nap. I'm looking forward to the first trimester ending in two weeks so I can have a few months of feeling like myself again.

Over this weekend I finished a bunch of books: A Braided Cord, Hoot, and The House of Caine. The first is the memoir of a school librarian, the second is a Newberry Honor book about some teenagers who save a colony of burrowing owls, and the final one is a vampire horror that takes place in 1966 in Massachusetts.

Of the three books, Hoot is my favorite. When Sean is older I will get a copy for him. In the meantime, we will go see the movie. The previews seem to be straight from the book except that the "running boy" maybe toned down a bit as a character.

My second favorite was The House of Caine as it was an easy read for a day off. Even though it is five hundred pages long, I was able to read it in about four hours. The vampires in the book act more like those in Bram Stoker's Dracula in a New England small town that reads like a modernized H.P. Lovecraft story.

A Braided Cord, while a bit dry as memoirs go, demonstrates the importance of a well stocked school library and on staff librarian to a child's educational success. I think the book should be required reading to those in charge of cutting library funds from schools.

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