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Comments for Curious George

Curious GeorgeCurious George: 02/11/06

We took Sean to see Curious George today and all three of us loved the film. It was a delight to see 2D animation (with some 3D animation assist) done in the style of the original book. Will Ferrell did a good job as Ted (aka "The Man in the Yellow Hat") but Frank Welker stole the show as the voice of George. The animation style is in keeping with the original H. A. Rey books and has enough nods to the books to keep fans happy. There are enough kind hearted gags to keep kids Sean's age entertained while the story is strong enough to keep the parents entertained. I'm sure we will be adding this film to our DVD collection.

One of the previews was for the film adaptation of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. As the story is about burrowing owls, Sean wants to see the film when it comes out. Ian's not too interested in seeing it, so I think it will be a Sunday date for Sean and me someday. The book is currently two down on my to be read pile so it will be one of those rare times when I will have read a book before seeing the film on which it is based.

Submarine Shirt:
Sean was thrilled with the progress I had made last night. Today while he and Ian played Mario Golf (Toadstool Tour) I added a few more patches of material to the submarine. I now have the aft section done with some light blue and dark blue and half of the hatch on top done as well. That leaves a dark blue piece on the hatch and the three porthole windows to do (also in dark blue) before I start covering my stitches with a decorative outline of embroidery thread.

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