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Comments for Custard

Custard: 02/01/06

Last night Ian warmed up some custard he had gotten at P.W.'s and we all enjoyed it. It was Sean's first taste and he quickly finished his bowl. For Ian and me, it brought back a flood of memories. Ian recalled his year in England and I recalled a buffet in Kearny Mesa.

The problem was I couldn't quite remember the place. I could picture the outside and I could picture the inside. I knew that a fire had closed it about 20 years ago so my memories went back to when I wasn't much older than Sean. After a couple hours of Googling, hoping something would jog my memory and not getting anywhere beyond seeing that the building still stands thanks to the satelite view available on Google maps, I finally found it. It was Sir George's Royal Buffet and it had the best custard and chocolate mousse desserts I've ever had. Of course in retrospect, I realize I'm being sentimental over a long since dwindling chain. It would be like Sean being sentimental over Denny's or Baker's Square in another twenty or thirty years.

In the process of remembering the place with its wonderfully goofy medieval interior and the shields all around the roof on the outside, we found that there are still a couple of these buffets and smorgasbords around. There's one in Arizona, one in Chula Vista, and one in Arcadia. We might swing by the one in Arcadia the next time we visit Judy and Charlie just to see if the desserts are still as good.

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