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Comments for Dull Prenatal Trip

Dull Prenatal Trip: 02/14/06

Ian and I spent a mind numbing hour and half in a mandatory prenatal class where we had to relearn all the stuff we learned with Sean and of course fill out paperwork. That wasn't the end. Afterwards we had to take the bridge across the street to the hospital so I could get blood drawn.

Submarine Shirt Nearly Done:

Last night I finished putting on all the patches of material and now I am doing the black outline to hide my messier stitches. I'm about a third of the way done with the black outline. My goal is to finish the shirt by Thursday night so Sean can wear the shirt on Friday when Judy and Charlie come to visit.

Berry Vines Planted:

Last night Sean and I found the peat moss and a planter for the remaining vines. We got them planted and around sunset (a gorgeous time to garden). The ones we planted on Sunday have already visibly grown by an inch or two. I hope we have yummy berries come summer time.

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