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Rating System

5 stars: Completely enjoyable or compelling
4 stars: Good but flawed
3 stars: Average
2 stars: OK
1 star: Did not finish

February 2006 in Review

A Braided Cord /Hoot / The House of Caine
Curious George
Mario Superstar Baseball

Another Month Comes to a Close
Dull Prenatal Trip
Feeling Better
Fish Buttons
Home Sick
I Thought I Was in the Clear
Jury Duty
Jury Duty Part Two
Microwave Oven Safety
Our Garden is Thriving
Owls, Snakes and Books on a Rainy Day
Rain Coming
Sewing the Submarine Shirt
Submarine Shirt
Submarine Shirt Material
Submarine Shirt is Done
Val's Burgers
Val's Burgers Part 2
The Wall, Part One
The Wall, Part Two
We're Having Another Baby