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Comments for Mario Superstar Baseball

Mario Superstar Baseball: 02/23/06

Ian rented Mario Superstar Baseball last night and all three of us enjoyed playing it. First Sean and Ian played after dinner and it was hard to get Sean to stop for his bath. After Sean went to bed it was my turn to have a go at playing with Ian. We mostly did the minigames though we did play four innings of an exhibition game. At first my team was ahead by four runs but as bedtime approached, my hands became clumsy and slow and Ian scored five runs. He's much better at performing while tired than I am.

Toxoplasmosis and Schizophrenia

I heard a fascinating health report on Radio 4 this afternoon regarding a possible link between the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis in humans (Toxoplasma gondii, a relative of parasite that causes malaria) and schizophrenia. The possible connection came to light when scientists realized that rats infected with T. gondii lose their fear of cats and actually seek them out so that the parasite is able to finish its reproductive cycle inside the perfered host (the cat). Antipsychotic drugs given to infected rats helps to control these death wishes. The rat behavoir led some to wonder if aural haulicinations in humans may also be caused by the parasite. Likewise, some medicine prescribed to treat schizophrenia have been shown to kill the T. gondii parasite. Scientists are not claiming a one to one correspondence between exposure to T. gondii and schizophrenia as there are far more people who have had and recovered from toxoplasmosis than there are people with schizophrenia.

I did a search online and found a few articles that cover the information I heard on Radio 4. The most concise article is at Medical News Today.

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