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Comments for Microwave Oven Safety

Microwave Oven Safety: 02/27/06

Since Sean can now use the microwave oven with supervision, I decided it was time to teach him some basic safety rules. I told him not to ever put forks, knives, spoons or metal bowls into the microwave. He agreed that doing that would be a "bad idea." Then he added that one shouldn't put: "trees, plants, flowers or toys" in the microwave. He should only put "little bowls" in there and only for 45 seconds. By "little bowls" he means the soup bowls we usually use for melting things like butter.

More Rain:
I am back to work and it is still pouring. Fortunately my commute in was relatively easy. In some regards it was easier because none of us were blinded by the sun rise. The walk to get lunch will be a slog through the somewhat flooded alley but that's to be expected. I've come prepared with heavy shoes and lots of layers to wear in the weather.

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