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Comments for Owls, Snakes and Books on a Rainy Day

Owls, Snakes and Books on a Rainy Day: 02/26/06

As it was threatening to rain today (and later did), Sean and I planned to go to Sulphur Creek since we wouldn't be able to go to the playground. It started to rain just before we left our home and it alternated between pouring and drizzling while we were there. We spent most of our time inside the museum so we weren't caught up in the downpours.

Besides us, there was also a birthday party for a group of five or six year olds, the parents and the younger sibblings (most of whom were ages two to three). The older kids were all boys and were very hopped up. They spent most of their time running, screaming and jumping. Sulphur Creek is very tollerant of energetic children but this group was roudy enough to receive numerous scoldings. I'm pleased to say that Sean was mature enough not to get caught up in their antics and was the best behaved child there.

Since it was raining, Sean decided it would be best to stay in the museum for most of the time we were there and read about a half dozen of the books they have on hand. Sean enjoyed it so much that he wants to go back next Sunday and read some more books.

When we got home and Sean went down for a nap after lunch the rain really picked up. It came in with the wind. Our windows rattled and the wind howled through the trees. I think the rain and wind were loud enough to wake Sean up, so he only stayed in his room for a couple hours (or about half the time of his typical weekend nap). Of course it was a day that I really wanted some time to nap myself as I was feeling rather queesy. Fortunately Sean didn't mind playing on my computer while I had a little lie down on the couch.

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