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Comments for Submarine Shirt Material

Submarine Shirt Material: 02/09/06

I now have three sets of cloth set aside for Sean's shirt. I have a red, white, and blue plaid, a light blue and a dark blue for the three "colors" I'll need. Tonight I will scan my pattern, print out duplicates and start transfering the pattern to the shirt.

Fetal Cells:

Yesterday on the drive to work I heard a fascinating story about fetal cells and women's health. Apparently fetal stem cells filter through the placenta and get into the mother's blood stream where they stay for decades. Current research suggests that these cells can actually boost a woman's ability to heal. It doesn't matter if the pregnancy resulted in a live birth; cells from all pregnancies stick around. As someone who had two miscarriages before the birth of my first child, I find that news oddly comforting.

On a sillier note, the fetal cells news corresponds to a joke Ian and I have been sharing about the current pregnancy. Given that it took 2 years (with the two miscarriages) to finally get pregnant with Sean, and with this one having only taken five months of trying, we've been joking that Sean left instructions behind for his sibling. Now we have science backing us up!

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