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Comments for New Bath Toys

Old Bath ToysNew Bath Toys: 06/17/06
Today it was more than eighty degrees inside and probably about eighty percent humidity. In other words, we had to get out and seek a cooler environment. We opted for the mall in Pleasanton.

Unfortunately the Lego store closed last month but there is still a toy store. We popped into the toy store and after looking around at nearly everything (getting good ideas for presents for Sean and Harriet), we came home with three wind up bath toys for five dollars. Sean chose a yellow turtle, a blue crab, and a green alligator.

Tonight after dinner Sean couldn't wait to take his bath. He wanted to play with his new wind up toys. The turtle swims the best and the alligator the worst. I will get some photographs of them soon.

Spaceman Sean:

Sean and the other kids had a wonderful time at Chabot yesterday. They watched a planetarium show and did some projects in the lab (classroom). Sean proudly announced that he ate his entire lunch.

Today after his bath Sean found another box of slides I had taken on a trip. These slides are from a trip I took with my mother to Florida. It has some fantastic photographs of the space shuttle hanger and of a Saturn V rocket.

While we were looking at the slides I found my old painting of a flock of macaws flying through space. Sean was so enamored with it that we decided to hang it in his room. I will take a photograph of it too.

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