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Comments for Who is in My Bed?

Sean and OwlWho is in My Bed?: 06/23/06
This morning before the alarm went off I thought I felt the cat coming into bed to sleep on my feet. I thought we had the door closed but Ian had come to bed late so maybe he had left the bedroom door open. I certainly hadn't heard the usual squawk of the door sliding against the jam but the dry air lately has made is a little less warped.

When I opened my eyes I didn't see the cat: I saw Sean. He was up a good fifteen or twenty minutes early for a week day. Normally he gets up after I do and then takes my spot next to Ian (especially now that I have a huge pile of very comfortable pillows to lounge on).

Since I was still in bed, Sean took the spot between Ian and me and borrowed a corner of each of our pillows. He used tucked himself under Ian's blankets (separate blankets are a key to a happy marriage!) and waited for me to get up in another ten minutes or so.

Once I was up, Sean settled in on my side but first had to tell us that today is Friday and that we have big plans for tonight. Tomorrow he knows is Saturday when we "stay home and make pancakes or waffles." I don't know which one he and Ian will decide to make tomorrow.

After I was dressed, Sean saw me to the front door where we did our usual morning good-bye hug. He then stood in the doorway behind the screen door to make sure I got to my car safely.

Welcome Subscribers!
In the last couple of days of syndication our subscriber numbers have gone from two, to five, and now we're at eleven. Welcome to everyone reading this feed! I started this feed on the request of one person and am thrilled to see so many others already reading it on a regular basis.

TaosFather's Day Friday:

I know; Father's Day was last Sunday but Sundays are busy for us and we didn't have the time or energy to do anything special. Since the Mother's Day Friday dinner worked so well, we've decided to repeat the event tonight for a belated Father's Day.

We will be going to Chevy's in Pleasanton. We like the food and the atmosphere. It's very family-friendly and loud children are not a problem (not that Sean is very loud in restaurants). Also, they have more space around the tables which makes holding Sean's hand as we walk to our seat easier.

Sean is thrilled to go for two reasons: their quesadillas and their tortilla maker. He's been talking about seeing the tortilla maker again all week. It's one of those automated ones where the dough balls are fed in at the top of the machine. They go down a conveyor belt to a spot where they are rolled flat and then deposited at the bottom of a spiraling pie plate thing that slowly cooks them over different tiers of fire. At the top they are flipped over and sent down another spiraling pie plate contration where the otherside cooks. When the tortilla reaches the bottom of the second spiral it is popped out onto another conveyor belt which leads to a basket where they are dumped until a person comes along and puts them into the baggies that are taken to the tables.

Now I'm sure many of you have seen these makers before and are wondering why I've spent so much time describing one. Well, I've done it for Sean. He'd complain that I wasn't telling the story right if I didn't include a full description. Anyway, I'm thinking of ordering fajitas tonight just to force them to bring some fresh tortillas to our table. Yummy!

Stealing my pillowsSean the Pillow Stealer:

As time permits I've been adding in Sean's baby pictures to his photo gallery. These are photographs I hadn't had the time or energy to add while I was working at Oracle and then thought I had lost when the Cube crapped out. I'm currently working my way through February 2003 and while I was creating the page for when he was a few days shy of six months, I realized that he has been stealing my pillows and my spot in bed most mornings since he was an infant.

In the picture he has taken the same pose that I saw him take this morning (except now he's much taller and older). At a few months shy of his fourth birthday he still comes to our bed (though now under his own power) with his toys most mornings. He still prefers my side of the bed and each night when I go to bed I have to be sure to check the bed and floor for toys he might have left there for me. I'm often having to ferry a favorite toy back to his bed after he's gone to bed. It's usually someone like Owl or Pikachu, or it will be a favorite book like Peekaboo Bunny.

Ian and I have been joking about needing a bigger bed once Harriet is born because we're not sure where she and Sean will fit if they both want into our bed at the same time in the morning. Our double bed is crowded already!

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