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Comments for the Family of the Sun

MoonThe Family of the Sun: 06/08/06
Sean has always been a very musically inclined person and right now his preschool is using songs to teach the planets of our solar system. Sean taught me some of the words (enough for me to Google the rest) of his favorite, "The Family of the Sun." I've pasted the lyrics below and they are sung to the "Farmer in the Dell" according to the website but the tune Sean has been taught is something different.

The Family of the Sun

REFRAIN : The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
Here are nine planets in
the family of the Sun.

Mercury is hot,
And Mercury is small.
Mercury has no atmosphere;
It's just a rocky ball.


Venus has thick clouds
That hide what is below.
The air is foul; the ground is hot.
It rotates very slow.


We love the Earth our home,
Its oceans and its trees.
We eat its food; we breathe its air,
So no pollution, please.


Mars is very red.
It's also dry and cold.
Some day you might visit Mars
If you are really bold.


Great Jupiter is big.
We've studied it a lot.
We found that it has lots of moons,
And a big, red spot.


Saturn has great rings.
We wondered what they were.
Now we know they're icy rocks
Which we saw as a blur.


Uranus is far.
It's cold and greenish-blue.
We found it rotates sideways,
And it has a lot of moons.


Neptune has a spot;
A stormy patch of blue.
The planet has a lot of clouds
And rings around it, too.


Pluto's last in line
It's farthest from the Sun.
It's small and cold and icy, too;
To land there won't be fun.


For more wonderful examples, please see the space page on

Sudoku Nightmares:

Ian and Sean worked on another Sudoku puzzle last night and I think it stuck with Ian. This morning he woke up complaining of a Sudoku nightmare where he couldn't get the right numbers in the right boxes. Perhaps it's time for an intervention?

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