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Comments for Humidity

Buildings in San CarlosHumidity: 06/29/06

Yesterday we had some rain but mostly we had cooler temperatures with high humidity. I'm actually finding the humidity easier to deal with than the drier and hotter heat from earlier in the month. I'm not getting dehydrated as fast as I had been although I'm still drinking enough water for two or maybe three people.

Things cooled down over night but I went to bed feeling hot because of Harriet. By morning, though, I had pulled up the covers and felt much better. Now at lunch time I can feel myself heating up again.

The big clouds from yesterday have today been replaced by a coastal fog that as of my commute in still stretched across the bay and into the Hayward hills. I think by now it is has probably boiled off or blown away. I hope it comes back tonight. It's so much nicer having it in the mid 70s in the living room than the high 80s or low 90s.

My Legs Don't Work:

The sciatica has gotten to the point that sometimes my legs (usually my left one) don't move. I will be trying to get into bed and I think about lifting my leg and it stays put, my foot still on the floor. I try again and sometimes it will work. Sometimes I have to lift my leg into bed. I remember watching my grandmother having to go through these manouvers when getting in and out of cars. Now with this pregnancy I'm going through the same thing. I don't remember if the sciatica made me this stiff when I was pregnant with Sean.

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