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Comments for Idle Threats

School ProjectIdle Threats: 06/19/06
Sean in his enthusiasm for preschool has been calling his old day care a bad school or a school for bad kids. Sean's teacher has decided to use this to her advantage. Now when he misbehaves she threatens to send him back to his old school to be with the other bad kids.

On Friday Sean came home dead serious that he was going to be sent back to "Maria and Joe's" this week because he had been bad at preschool. Ian and I scratched our heads for a while until Sean's story started making more sense. We got the gist that his teacher was probably just using a humorous idle threat to get Sean back on task (something we often do ourselves).

This morning Ian asked Sean's teacher about the threat to be sent back to the old school. She confirmed what we suspected. It's nice to have a teacher who has an approach to dealing with kids so much like our own!


Caligula nappingI only coughed six times last night. For the rest of the night, I actually slept! There were a few minutes right after we had gone to bed that Ian had started his "instasnore" and the snoring while not loud through the ear plugs, was loud to Harriet and she started kicking me angrily. I had to wake up Ian and get him to settle down in a non-snore position (fortunately he still has some!) so that Harriet would settle down and let me sleep.

I managed all this sleep without taking any Robitussin (or Wal-tussin, the Walgreen's version). I only had to get up once for a bathroom break. I didn't spend hours pacing the halls trying to blow my nose and stop coughing. Instead I got really, uninterupted sleep with dreams.

It was the first time this month that I've woken up with the alarm and not wished I could crawl under a rock for another few hours of sleep. I slept so soundly that my hips were sore from not chaning positions much at night. I had to hobble around to get things back into order but it was worth it.

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