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Comments for Don't Kick Me There!

HarrietDon't Kick Me There!: 06/25/06

From 11 PM until 5 AM this morning, Harriet had fun punching me in the ovaries. Babies are the only people who can wind a grown woman by a kick or a punch to the ovaries. I would take a breath and she'd punch me. Then I'd be winded and gasping for breath. Just as I was recovering, she'd do it again to me! Now I'm a stiff, sore zombie woman. Oh the joys of motherhood!


Raindrops are not falling on my head!

After a poor night's sleep for Ian and me, we opted for a very late breakfast at Baker's Square. By the time we got there it was rightfully lunch time but we all wanted pancakes. Fortunately breakfast is always available. Sean's old enough now that he can order for himself, something that always seems to amaze and amuse the person taking the order. Everything was cooked to perfection. They make wonderul country potatoes, something I much prefer over hash browns (which are never brown enough for me).

The restaurant is in a shoping center that sports a clock tower. The clock plays songs on the hour (a hit is Sean). Today as we were heading back to our car the clock was playing "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head." It could only be wishful thinking as it is about 85 degrees outside and completely cloudless. We won't be getting rain for another three or four months at the earliest. The most we can hope for in the interum is some mist from the fog.

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