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Comments for Pregnancy Mask

The MaskPregnancy Mask: 06/15/06
While brushing my teeth this morning I realized that my cheeks have gotten darker. I look like I've been slapped on both cheeks except that the color isn't red, it's more tan. It's classic pregnancy mask, something I didn't get when I was pregnant with Sean.

Three doses of Robitussin over the course of the day got my coughing under control enough to get some good sleep but it has also raised my blood pressure from the 120/60 range to the 140/70 range. My cut off for the PIH monitoring is 150/90 so the Kaiser nurse gave me a strong talking to last night. She also said that if the Robitussin doesn't work and I'm still coughing and having trouble sleeping, I should make an urgent appointment to get prescribed something stronger but still approved for use during pregnancy.

The good news is I did manage to sleep pretty solidly last night although I did have one coughing fit around two in the morning because I had somehow inhaled some of my pillow. Other than that, I slept better than I have in days. So far today I haven't taken any cold medication and I won't until after I get my blood pressure taken this evening.

CupcakesBaking Cupcakes:

Earlier this week one of the girls at preschool had a birthday party and cupcakes were served in place of cake. The cupcakes reminded Sean that it has been nearly a year since we baked any ourselves at home. Since then he's been pestering me to see when we could bake some cupcakes with chocolate chips and colored frosting.

I promised Sean that we would do the baking on Wednesday and yesterday at work I popped by the grocery store to get the few ingredients we needed. Sean was thrilled to bake them again. We didn't use the peanut butter frosting as I just didn't feel like making something quite so heavy. For the frosting color he had planned on doing green all week long but last night red looked better to him. So we have red (more fuschia than red) colored cupcakes in the fridge.

We did make them lower sugar than the recipe calls for so they taste a little different but they are still good. I didn't get pictures of us baking because if I had pulled out the camera Sean would have wanted to do all the picture taking.

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