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Comments for Some Musings on Sean

SignatureSome Musings on Sean: 06/27/06

As promised I have posted a picture of Sean's first successful signature. The S and the N are a little wobbly but it is still a huge accomplishment. The letter he was having the most trouble with was the A. He used to make the letter A more like an @ sign until Ian suggested that he should make the legs of the A "like a rainbow." That description really clicked with him and he hasn't had any trouble since.

Another thing Sean is learning is his colors. He knows that red, blue and yellow mixed together make brown; blue and yellow make green; yellow and red make orange. He sometimes forgets that red and blue make purple but he'll figure that out soon. It doesn't take him long to learn new things.

He has always been interested in music and musical instruments although recently he has had a renewed passion for them. Mostly he's interested in how different instruments sound and what they are called. Last night before bed, Ian pulled out his guitar and Sean was very eager to try his hand a playing it (and tuning it). As a trade for the guitar (which is almost as big as he is), Sean kept offering Ian his spoons. "You can play the spoons and I'll play the guitar." If the two decide to jam again I'll try to get a picture of them.

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