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Comments for My Phone, Ian's Car

Back to WorkMy Phone, Ian's Car: 06/01/06
My new phone should now be using my old phone number. I will know for sure later when Ian gives me a call. He's getting Ferdinand (our 1995 Civic) tuned today. We think the car needs front breaks. When he gets his PhD next year and he gets his first job (or post doc) we will start saving up for the down payment on a new car for him. We'll either get another small car or a hybrid if we can find one that is comfortable for both of us to drive.

Ferdinand has been a reliable car but he is eleven years old now and we've driven him to death. Like my dodgy old phone, he's not as reliable as he once was. He's also starting to fall apart here and there. So far the decay is all cosmetic but I don't think he has much more than a couple years left before he will have to be replaced or rebuilt. Looking at him now I'm amazed that we made the move up her from South Pasadena in him. We made about a dozen trips up and down the state in him when we were moving.

A Lovely Evening:

Last night there was a cool breeze on our front stairs and Sean wanted to play on the hill. I grabbed my camera and joined him outside. When he tired of playing in the dirt and I'd taken enough photographs, we decided to wait for Ian on the stairs.

Sean sat on my lap and we talked about a number of things. He's learning about the planets in school this month (and will have a field trip to Chabot in two weeks) and started off the conversation with, "Do we live on Earth?" Then he wanted to know how he could see that we live on Earth. I pointed to the ground and said that was the Earth. Then I pointed to the sky and said that was the outer edge of the Earth and told him that the planet is a big ball of dirt and water with a skin of air. It's a simplistic explanation but he seemed satisfied with it.

We also talked about the trees. I showed him the difference between pine trees and oak trees. I pointed out the star jasmin that grows along the other side of our stairs. We talked about flooding and why trees and plants are good for holding down the soil. I think we both enjoyed the time on the porch waiting for Ian.

Still Sore Right Hip and Leg:

Harriet hasn't moved from her cubby hole in my pelvis. She likes to lean against the right side of it. I'm going on my third day of a sore pelvis and resulting sciatica. Only ninety-six days to go until she's born.

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