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Comments for Planet Gazing

The telescopePlanet Gazing: 06/16/06
Today is Sean's school trip to Chabot Science Center. Last night in preparation he helped me pack his lunch: a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich cut into four squares, a box of apple juice, a banana and three short bread cookies. We then wrote his name on the paper bag in big red letters.

With the upcoming trip, the planets in our solar system have been the main topic of conversation. I've come to realization that Sean now knows more about them than I do! He thinks is very funny that he knows more. He has learned many of the names of the other moons and things like how many moons Jupiter has (16 aparently). My only contribution so far to Sean's base of knowledge are the two robots on Mars and the Shumaker-Levy comet that hit Jupiter some years ago.

Our planet gazing and discussions at home have earned praise for Sean and us from his teacher. Sean is really soaking in all the information of this month's topic at preschool.

Last night before we went to bed, Ian popped outside to look at Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. I had already gotten into my jammies so I stayed inside. I think he had the easiest time with the rings of Saturn and some of the moons of Jupiter. He should have been able to see four but he only saw two jovian moons.

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