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Comments for The Trouble with Socks

Left FootThe Trouble with Socks: 06/30/06

This morning as I got dressed for work I realized that I couldn't get my sock on my left foot. The right foot was no problem: I just leaned over and put it on. The left foot though was out of reach. I thought briefly of getting Ian (and he did offer) to put on my sock and shoe for that foot but I'm stuborn. Thankfully I'm still flexible enough to reach my feet when they are stretched out in front of me. It seems odd that I can reach my feet when they are stretched out but can't when my knees are bent but most of pregnancy is just as surreal as the trouble I had with my socks this morning.

When I was pregnant with Sean I was able to put my socks and shoes on all the way to the end (with some grunting and groaning). I plan to do the same thing with Harriet but she does seem to be making it more difficult to me. On the other hand, I can breath better than I could with Sean. I wonder if she'll manage to keep out my lungs for the remaining nine weeks?

Boy and Girl Films?

Sean informed Ian on the way to school that there are girl films and boy films. From the sounds of things, this is an idea he's gotten from one of the girls at preschool. Ian replied that there doesn't have to be such a division: girls and boys can like the same sorts of films (and books, and whatever else). So now we'll have something new to work on with Sean.

Neither of us want him pigeonholing himself into boy things just because others tell him he has too. What comes next? Does he give up liking cooking? Does he stop watching Beauty and the Beast? Does he stop growing flowers? This whole thing is ridiculous. Fortunately we're his parents and will know him longer than he'll know the girl who has put these ideas in his head. I want him to know that I prefer books that are considered "boy books" (can anyone say Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series?) and Ian reads far more romances than I do.

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