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Sean and the iBookSyndication: 06/20/06
Last night I finished setting up a preliminary RSS 2.0 feed for Puss Reboots. I am still in the process of refining and testing the feed but early subscribers are welcome. .

The initital set up took some doing as any new project does but after defining the channel and creating the first item, the rest falls into place. I'm currently not using a RSS creation tool; rather, I am doing the coding myself. Whenever I learn a new technology, I like to get under the hood first. I may later as needs change move to using a prepackaged service or application. For the moment I'm doing it all in house.

I'm still not allowing direct commenting but if you see something wonderful or something screwy, feel free to drop me a note. Emails that read like comments, might even be posted. If you don't want an email posted as a comment, please let me know.

Writing Names:

A Letter to His SisterSean brought home a paper from school where he had written his name! The S was a little angular but the other three letters were perfect. It is so exciting to see him writing. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. He's so creative, that it wouldn't surprise me to see him writing stories soon.

If I can find the paper he brought home (I have no idea where he has stashed it), I will scan it and post it on the website. I'm in full on proud mommy mode and can't wait to share his "John Hancock" with the rest of the world.

Post Office:

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail some BookCrossing books that I had promised to other members. I arrived at 4:30 and that's usually a dead time before the 4:45 rush as the local shipping companies (like Mailboxes Etc) close and bring in the mail they've collected over the course of the day. Yesterday though, there was a line out the door into the hallway when I arrived. It wasn't the usual lot: these were regular folks who all needed to mail packages. It was an odd time of the year to see so many people mailing boxes. A trip that should have taken ten minutes ended up taking half an hour.

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