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Comments for Test Results

Sean makes the same face I did after taking my glucose tolerance test.Test Results: 06/05/06
I've gotten all my test results back from the Saturday trip to the lab. I don't have gestational diabetes and my liver is functioning normally. I am howerver, slightly anemic. My doctor has called in a prescription for me at the Hayward pharmacy so I'll be leaving work a half hour early to pick it up.

In the meantime, I managed to catch Sean's cold over the weekend. I started feeling ill with it on Saturday. Yesterday I was pretty much useless after having spent the entire night coughing. I also spent much of last night coughing but did manage to get more sleep than I did the night before. The combination of having a cold and being pregnant has made me very thirsty. I have always been an eager water drinker but now I seem to have a glass of water with me where ever I am.

Lunch with Ian; School for Sean:

Ian will be joining me again for lunch today. He has some errands to run so he's heading over for an early lunch. We will be eating at Carl's again. Then he has to return a library book or two.

Sean is fortunately well enough for school. He was very chipper this morning but was hard to drag away from his vacuum cleaner box-fort. I think I'll help him decorate it to make it more fort-like. We'll probably move it down to his room for longterm playing.

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