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Comments for Vacuum

Sean makes the same face I did after taking my glucose tolerance test.Sean makes the same face I did after taking my glucose tolerance test.Vacuum: 06/04/06
On Friday a box big enough for Sean to hide in arrived at my office. Actually it arrived downstairs and as it was so big, I was asked to come down and get it, rather than it being delivered upstairs like smaller packages are. Anyway, inside it were two new vacuums from Ian's parents. Fortunately both of them together weigh about half of what Sean does so getting the box to my car was awkward but not impossible.

Today Ian put the two vacuums together. They actually came mostly assembled so it was mostly a matter of snapping together a few pieces and tightening a couple screws. Sean and Caligula watched while I gave pointers.

Sean has now claimed the big box as his personal fort. He likes to go into the empty box with a flash light and close the doors. I will get pictures soon.

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