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Comments for Forty-One Illustrations

IllustrationsForty-One Illustrations: 07/29/06

I knew that one of my fall back themes is the straight-forward illustration, or doodle as I often call these pieces. Until I finished putting together my latest themed gallery page I had no idea just how popular! In the last six years I have created 41 illustrations. Most of these were created pre-Sean when I was just too emotionally drained to do anything too complicated. It was a time of two back-to-back miscarriages.

Now when I need something "easy" to do, I instead turn to my children for inspiration. I will be building a "child inspired" themed page too in the future. While of course most of these will be inspired by Sean, there are a couple Harriet pieces and certainly more to come after she's born.



Cleaning House, Round One:

GarbageIan, Sean and I spent the day at home, cleaning house for our house guests who are arriving next week. Derrick and Lesley will be spending a night here before they head up the coast for a wedding. Later Derrick will spend a couple more nights while he's looking for work in the area. So today was the straighten and toss out garbage (mostly recyclables). Tomorrow is more straightening and some scrubbing.

Downstairs our big accomplishment is the installation of a new "Billy" bookcase from Ikea where a secretary was. The secretary never quite worked and always had dodgy shelves. The recent heat wave warped the poor thing to the point of self collapse. We also made room in Sean's room for Harriet's crib by moving the old chair into our bedroom where I will take care of Harriet's middle of the night feeds. After she is weaned, we'll decide if we want to keep and reupholster the chair or ditch it. Upstairs I put together Harriet's new bouncy seat. While I did most of it, Ian had to help here and there.

Steps: 3500

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