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Birthday PartyBirthday Party: 07/23/06

Today we braved the heat to attend Adhila's birthday party. She is the daughter of the woman who runs Sean's preschool. Adhila turned four today. Her party was held at the Castro Valley Community Park on Lake Chabot road. The park has a wonderful water play area with fountains and water guns for anyone to play in. Even Ian and I splashed around in the water to cool down.

Most, perhaps all, of Sean's friends from school came to the party as did a bunch of relatives and other family friends. Most of the kids from school brought both their parents. I think there were probably fifty to sixty people at the party, though many left early because of the heat.

We stayed for lunch and later cake and the piñata. The piñata didn't require beating with a stick. This one had rigged strings that each child could pull. One of the strings was the lucky one that would open the hatch at the bottom of the box and let the candy fall out. Adhila on her second try got the special string.

Anyway, we had a fun day. We did our best to drink lots of water and to stay in the shade as much we could. We were there for two and a half hours.

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