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Comments for Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

The Opal DeceptionArtemis Fowl: The Opal Deception: 07/10/06

I enjoyed the first two Artemis Fowl books a great deal and the third one was good enough to make me finish. The forth one (The Opal Deception) my husband managed to finish but I'm going to give up on it. I've come to realization that I don't like any of the characters and the world just isn't interesting enough for me to put up with annoying characters.

Harry Potter had the same effect on me. Books one through three were great. Book four had its moments but the drama of the school competition seemed forced. At book five, I gave up at the halfway point. I put the book down two years ago and haven't had the desire to open it up and finish it. My more forgiving husband went on to purchase book six and read it. I suspect he will purchase and read book seven as well.

My problem with both series is that the characters didn't grow much. Harry continues to be afraid of his aunt and uncle and put off by many of the students at school; Snape remains nasty; Draco is as cocky as ever, etc. In the fourth book some scenes were repeated within pages of themselves so that even the plot refused to move along. How many scenes of detention does one need to get that Prof. Umbrage has it in for Harry?

In the Artemis Fowl books, Artemis managed to grow some over the first three books, going from missing his father to learning about the fairies and finally knowing how to conquer them and having to decide if his obsession with the fairies is worth the effort or if he should humble himself to more mundane capers. Colfer though must have felt threatened by the potential of having Artemis and Holly working on the same side so he hit the reset button in book three and book four starts with Fowl mind-wiped and acting the same as he did in the start of the first book. So he's back to the annoying little prick that I didn't like in the first book. I really don't want to have to wait for him to go back to what he had learned over the course of three books!

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