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Comments for Harriet Plays "Andy Capp" During Her Ultrasound

<"071406b">Harriet Plays "Andy Capp" During Her Ultrasound: 07/14/06

Today I had my first of two ultrasounds with the high risk specialist. It took him about forty minutes to get all the measurements because Harriet was asleep and rolled away from wand. This was my first time meeting the high risk doctor but he put me immediately at ease. He said he had gone through my charts and hadn't found anything alarming other than some high blood pressure numbers during the pre-natal visits and added that many women are the same way. He also said that while on paper I don't appear to be at a higher risk for pre-eclampsia than any other average pregnant woman given my results so far, he would be remiss if he didn't continue to monitor me, just in case.

Unlike previous ultrasounds I've been to, this room had a second monitor hung for easy viewing for the patient. I've never seen what things look like during the measurement part of the scan. It's a good thing I've learned some basic human biology so I could have at least a glimmer of a chance of understanding what I was seeing. Sometimes the doctor would stick labels up on the screen and they really helped.

He spent most of his time on her chest and head. As she was on her side with her legs folded up to her chest, it was hard for him to get the classic view of her heart. Instead what he had to work with was something that looked a little bit like a headless dancing turkey. Fortunately the dancing turkey thing was apparently normal for that view.

While he was measuring her head and brain, I had a few glimpses of just her brain and eyes. She looked just like a floating brain with eye stocks as if she were a creature from a bad science fiction movie.

Anyway, I have one last ultrasound on August 11th to check on Harriet's position. Since the worst case scenario is that she will still be transverse and I will need a c-section, I'm not that worried.

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