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Ducky napkinBaby Shower: 07/11/06

Last night at the monthly BookCrossing meeting, the other members through a surprise baby shower for me. They brought cake, balloons and presents. Harriet received her first rattle, a teething blanket, some adorable out fits, a swaddling cloth, a gorgeous hand-knit blanket in pink, green, yellow and white, some socks, a pink bunny, and, of course, some books.

I still need to photograph the presents. I was enjoying myself so much last night that I didn't take many pictures during the actual event. I think others took photographs so if I get access to them, I'll share them.

More Harriet News:

Today seems to be the all-Harriet blog. First of all I had my monthly pre-natal check up today. I've gained back the weight I've lost, leaving me at a net-zero gain for the pregnancy. Harriet herself is measuring at 32 weeks (so roughly one week ahead) which is within normal parameters. The automatic machine read a much higher than normal blood pressure for me. The doctor laughed and did it manually and came back with a sane reading.

On Friday I have a second ultrasound to see how Harriet is doing. It is in the OB-GYN section, not downstairs in radiation. I guess they want to be sure Harriet isn't growing too big. She's just tall like her brother.

Then a week from today I have my first non-stress test appointment. That's when they will hook me up to a bunch of monitors to listen to Harriet's heart rate while we measure her kicks. I'll be sure to drink some orange juice before I go to wake her up. The appointment is in the late morning and she's usually fairly quiet then.

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