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Comments for From Bauhaus to Our House

<"072006a">-->From Bauhaus to Our HouseFrom Bauhaus to Our House: 07/20/06

Let me begin by saying outright, I like the Bauhaus style of architecture and its influence on other forms of design (interior, painting, etc.) I like the function before form approach, though the "anti-bourgeois" side of things made me laugh, bringing back memories of the 1980s when my parents went on an anti-bourgeois kick.

Having read a dozen or so reviews on Amazon, I see that readers are split on this book. Some love the book for Wolfe's writing style and an equal number hate the book because it is written by someone who doesn't like the subject he's covering. I am among the lovers of the book. I found his rants against the movement amusing and yet I learned more about the subject inbetween my laughing.

Here is my BookCrossing Review:

From Bauhaus to Our House is an interesting history of the Bauhaus school and its effect on modern architecture by a man who clearly hates the style. While I don't agree with Wolfe's assessment of the movement I did find his critiques refreshing and amusing. He writes with a very engaging style and brings the subject matter to life even while ridiculing it.

After reading a number of books by people who were such fans of their topic that they gushed more about how they got involved in the topic than actually writing about it, it was so nice to read a book by someone who had criticisms for the topic and had sense enough to leave himself out of the book!

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